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Confit Cod Recipe


  1. In a pan, putt he oil, garlic and hot chilli. Bring up to 60C.

  2. Add the Cod loins and keep on cooking at 60C for 12 mins.

  3. Remove teh cod from the pan and reserve.

  4. Using a ladle, take as much of the gelatine left in the oil during the confit process and pass into a clean container. Cool it down.

  5. At this stage potatoes can be coocked in the oil IF using this garnish.

  6. In a mortar, place 1 egg yolk, the 3 confit garlic and a bit of salt. Then pour slowly the cold oil and gelatine that cooled previously an mix using a pestle to emulsify.

  7. Using cooked potatoes or pisto manchego on toast, sit the cod on top of the garnish and top it up with the emulsion of garlic, gelatine and oil.

  8. Finish it in a Preheated oven at 200C for 2 mins to gratinate.

Recipe available on YouTube Youtube

confit Cod


  • 4 Portions of Cod Loin
  • 350 ml Extra virgin olive oil (will depend on the size of the pan)
  • 3 Garlic Cloves
  • 1 Dried Hot Chilli peppers

For Serving: Pisto Manchego (Ratatouille) & 2 rustic bread toasts, or 2 Medium size potatoes.

NOTE: If the cod is not desalted one you might need to add salt.